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uk /hʌmp/ us /hʌmp/

hump noun (LUMP)

[ C ] a large, round raised area or part:

The car hit a hump in the road and swerved.
UK Local residents are asking for speed humps (= raised areas across the road which make people drive slowly) to be installed in their street.

[ C ] a round raised part on a person's or animal's back:

Some types of camel have two humps and others have one.
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uk /hʌmp/ us /hʌmp/

hump verb (HAVE SEX)

[ I or T ] offensive to have sex (with someone)

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hump en inglés americano

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humpnoun [ C ]

us /hʌmp/

a large, round, raised lump or part:

The car swerved when it hit a hump in the road.

A hump is also a round, raised part on a person’s or animal’s back:

a camel’s hump

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