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hundredth en inglés británico

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hundredthordinal number

uk /ˈhʌn.drətθ/ us /ˈhʌn.drətθ/

hundredthnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈhʌn.drətθ/ us /ˈhʌn.drətθ/

one of a hundred equal parts of something:

She has knocked one/a hundredth of a second off the world record.

Más ejemplos

  • For the hundredth time, stop hitting your sister!
  • On your hundredth birthday, you should receive a telegram from the Queen.
  • He's in about one hundredth place on my list of suitable partners!
  • After my hundredth attempt, I eventually got through to his office extension.
  • This is literally his hundredth job application, poor man.

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hundredth en inglés americano

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hundredthadjective, adverb, noun [ C ]

us /ˈhʌn·drətθ/

(in the position of) the number 100 in a series; 100th:

She reached her hundredth birthday.

A hundredth is one of a hundred equal parts of something.

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