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uk /ˈaɪ.si/ us /ˈaɪ.si/

icy adjective (COLD)

B1 covered in ice:

icy roads
an icy pavement

B1 extremely cold:

She opened the window and I was hit by an icy blast of air.
He fell into the icy waters of the Moscow river.
Her skin was icy to the touch.
adverb uk /ˈaɪ.səl.i/ us /ˈaɪ.səl.i/


She stared icily at us.

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us /ˈɑɪ·si/

icy adjective (UNFRIENDLY)

icy adjective (FROZEN WATER)

covered with ice:

an icy sidewalk

Icy also means extremely cold, like ice:

icy winds

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