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impactnoun [ C usually singular, U ]

uk /ˈɪm.pækt/ us /ˈɪm.pækt/

C2 the force or action of one object hitting another:

The impact of the crash reduced the car to a third of its original length.
The bullet explodes on impact (= when it hits another object).

B2 a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person:

The anti-smoking campaign had had/made quite an impact on young people.
The new proposals were intended to soften the impact of the reformed tax system.

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impactverb [ I or T ]

uk /ɪmˈpækt/ us /ɪmˈpækt/ mainly US

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impactnoun [ U ]

us /ˈɪm·pækt/

impact noun [ U ] (FORCE)

the force with which one thing hits another or with which two things hit each other:

The impact of the crash destroyed the car.
The bullet explodes on impact (= at the moment when it hits something).

impact noun [ U ] (EFFECT)

the strong effect or influence that something has on a situation or person:

These charges will have a damaging impact on the army’s reputation.
The environmental impact of this project will be enormous.


us /ɪmˈpækt/

impact (HAVE EFFECT)

to have a strong effect or influence on a situation or person:

[ I/T ] A big decline in exports will impact (on) the country’s economy.

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impactnoun [ C, usually singular, or U ]

uk /ˈɪmpækt/ us

a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on someone or something:

a big/huge impact Social networks are making a huge impact on sales, with fans recommending brands to hundreds of their friends.
We judge that these developments will have little impact on our business.
have an impact on/upon sb/sth Microenterprises can have a negative or positive impact on the environment.

impactverb [ I or T ]

uk /ɪmˈpækt/ us

to have an influence on something:

Local businesses were heavily impacted by the new zoning regulations.
impact on sth Engineers say the new engine could impact on the way future cars are designed.

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The least-favoured areas must be given special intention in view of the impact the total decoupling of aid will have on them.
Just as interesting is the call for a report to be drawn up on the impact of industrial fishing on cod stocks, which is still a controversial issue.
I believe that an initiative of this kind carries more weight and has more far-reaching impact if twenty-five states adopt it.
The impact of investments will be all the greater if financial efforts are focused on those projects that are ready for take-off instead of being dispersed.
We are renewing the commitment to improving the quality of legislation and to establishing procedures for pre-legislative consultation and impact assessment.
To this end, environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment should be used when developing activities, plans and programmes, as they are much more appropriate instruments.
The first is the environmental impact.
The impact assessment concluded that a framework directive based on full harmonisation would be the most effective way to remove barriers to cross-border retail trade.
The previous speakers referred to all these shortcomings and the opportunities lost for promoting equality and creating infrastructures which will have a direct and positive impact on women's lives.
The polluter must pay and the most environmentally friendly lorries must continue to be excluded from the full impact of the ecopoints.

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