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uk /ɪnˈdiːd/ us /ɪnˈdiːd/

B1 really or certainly, often used to emphasize something:

Indeed, it could be the worst environmental disaster in Europe this century.
Evidence suggests that errors may indeed be occurring.
We live in strange times indeed.
mainly UK Many people are very poor indeed.

used to express that something is correct:

"Is this your dog?" "It is indeed."/"Indeed it is."
Yes, I did indeed say that.

C2 used to add some extra information that develops or supports something you have just said:

For such creatures, speed is not important - indeed it is counterproductive.
I am happy, indeed proud, to be associated with this project.

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uk /ɪnˈdiːd/ us /ɪnˈdiːd/

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indeed en inglés americano

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indeedadverb [ not gradable ]

us /ɪnˈdid/

(used to emphasize something said or about to be said) really; truly:

If he has indeed quit his job, I asked myself, why is he still here?
From a medical standpoint, the discovery may turn out to be very big news indeed.
Indeed (= When you really think about it), why should you follow a doctor’s advice to the letter when you feel like Superman?

Indeed is also used to make something clear or add to something you have just said:

It was impossible to find work and, indeed, it became increasingly hard to keep looking for a job.

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I say to colleagues who have indeed caught my eye, but who are getting anxious about my catching their eye, that it is simply a question of sequencing.
Indeed, we do not need any more centralised bodies, which would probably mean more red tape - we need road safety policies.
The situation is indeed alarming.
Indeed, thanks to the grafting of corneas, heart valves, bones, tendons and skin, the lives of patients are actually prolonged and improved.
I mean an approach that is a little oversimplistic, which does not, indeed, take into account the two fundamental factors already mentioned.
The different priority sectors mentioned also show an innovative approach to institutional development; the security issue, in particular, has indeed become one of the new political concerns.
They are threatened by climate change, prolonged drought, and by the considerable pressure exerted on wetlands and protected areas by developers and indeed administrations.
Indeed, it has created an amalgam of illegal and illicit activities, and the persons and companies named in it were never heard, let alone given the opportunity to defend themselves.
Indeed, the only possible explanation is its politicians paying undue attention to the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies who paid for their election.
Indeed it does seem obvious.