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uk /ˌɪn.dɪˈspen.sə.bəl/ us /ˌɪn.dɪˈspen.sə.bəl/
noun [ U ] uk /ˌɪn.dɪˌspen.sɪˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /ˌɪn.dɪˌspen.səˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/

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indispensable en inglés americano

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us /ˌɪn·dɪˈspen·sə·bəl/

too important not to have; necessary:

None of our players is indispensable.

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In this sense, what we are doing is not supporting exploitative or technological monopolies but establishing the indispensable need for interoperability.
Transparency, though, is an indispensable requirement if quality is to be maintained and if the best possible use is to be made of the resources that health systems possess.
According to my group, a sufficient level of government spending is indispensable in the provision of public services, social security and the environment.
On-farm research is an indispensable tool in the integration of nature conservation and agriculture, and above all in the sustainable maintenance and use of organic habitats in the agricultural landscape.
People who are prepared to do just that, together with the availability of risk capital, are the indispensable features of a growing economy.
We need this binding regulation in order to enhance competition and limit risks, both indispensable to a functioning market and safety at sea.
Let me suggest, however, that consideration of the relative size of businesses is indispensable and that small businesses cannot be treated in the same way as multinational food corporations.
Financial resources are indispensable, as is always the case when goals are to be achieved and there is a great deal of catching up to do.
According to some, the report and its amendments enable small ports to strengthen their position, ports which are indispensable for the accessibility and survival of islands and remote coastal areas.
The quality of education, and quality evaluation, are indispensable, as you have said, essential to being able to improve educational systems.