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insert en inglés americano

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insertverb [ T ]

us /ɪnˈsɜrt/

to put something in something else:

Insert your ATM card in the slot to begin your transaction.
noun [ U ] us /ɪnˈsɜr·ʃən/

Software can automate the insertion of SGML codes in texts.

insertnoun [ C ]

us /ˈɪn·sɜrt/

something that is made to go into or inside something else:

(Definición de insert del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

insert en inglés de negocios

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insertverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈsɜːt/ us

to put something inside or into something else:

insert sth into sth Please insert your card into the slot to make a payment.
insert sth in sth You can pay to have advertising flyers inserted in magazines.
insert sth between sth The leaflet can be inserted between the pages of the book.

to add something to something else:

insert sth in sth The camera enables users to take pictures, then use a personal computer to insert them in items like calendars and emails.
insert sth into sth They want to insert two new clauses into the contract.
insert sth between sth How can I insert a comma between the addresses in a spreadsheet?

insertnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪnsɜːt/ us also insertion

MARKETING something that is made to go inside or into something else, for example a sheet of paper with advertising in a magazine, newspaper, or book:

The bureau will also distribute a 16-page glossy insert in five Ontario newspapers beginning next month.

(Definición de insert del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)