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jack en inglés británico

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jacknoun [ C ]

uk /dʒæk/ us /dʒæk/

jack noun [ C ] (BALL)

a small ball towards which other balls are rolled or thrown in the games of bowls or boules

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jack en inglés americano

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jacknoun [ C ]

us /dʒæk/

jack noun [ C ] (DEVICE)

a device used to raise and hold something heavy off the ground, esp. one for raising a vehicle so that a tire can be changed

jack noun [ C ] (CARD)

a playing card that has a picture of a man on it and has a lower value than the cards showing a king or queen:

the jack of diamonds

jack noun [ C ] (ELECTRICITY)

a hole into which a wire connected to a piece of electrical equipment can be plugged so that the equipment can operate:

a microphone jack

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