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jealous en inglés

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uk /ˈdʒel.əs/ us /ˈdʒel.əs/

jealous adjective (UNHAPPY)

B1 upset and angry because someone that you love seems interested in another person:

a jealous husband/wife
Anna says she feels jealous every time another woman looks at her boyfriend.

B2 unhappy and angry because someone has something that you want:

He had always been very jealous of his brother's good looks.

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adverb uk /ˈdʒel.ə us /ˈdʒel.ə


The exact location of the hotel where the royal couple is staying is a jealously (= carefully) guarded secret.
She eyed Gwen's engagement ring jealously.

(Definición de jealous del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

jealous en inglés americano

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us /ˈdʒel·əs/

jealous adjective (WANTING QUALITIES)

unhappy and slightly angry because you wish you had someone else’s qualities, advantages, or success:

Ron was jealous of his colleague’s promotion.

jealous adjective (FEARFUL ABOUT LOVE)

fearing that someone you love loves someone else or is loved by someone else

jealous adjective (CAREFUL TO PROTECT)

very careful to protect someone or something:

Her parents kept a jealous watch over her.
adverb us /ˈdʒel·əs·li/

He jealously guarded his privacy.

(Definición de jealous del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)