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Significado de “joke” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "joke" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /dʒəʊk/  us   /dʒoʊk/

joke noun (FUNNY)

B1 [C] something, such as a ​funnystory or ​trick, that is said or done in ​order to make ​peoplelaugh: Did I tell you the joke about the ​chickencrossing the ​road? She ​spent the ​evening cracking (= ​telling) jokes and ​tellingfunnystories. She ​tied his ​shoelaces together for a joke. I ​hope Rob doesn't ​tell any of his dirty jokes (= jokes about ​sex) when my mother's here. He ​tried to do a ​comedyroutine, but all his jokes fellflat (= no one ​laughed at them). Don't you get (= ​understand) the joke?
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joke noun (BAD/SILLY)

C1 [S] informal a ​person or thing that is very ​bad or ​silly: Our new teacher's a joke - he can't ​evencontrol the ​class. The new ​software is a complete joke - it ​keepscrashing. The ​test was a joke (= was very ​easy) - everyone ​finished in less than an ​hour.

jokeverb [I]

uk   /dʒəʊk/  us   /dʒoʊk/
B1 to say ​funny things: They joked and ​laughed as they ​looked at the ​photos. It's more ​serious than you ​think, so ​please don't joke about it. [+ speech] "I didn't ​expect to be out so ​soon", he joked, after ​spending nine ​months in ​hospital.B1 If you ​think that someone is joking, you ​think that they do not really ​mean what they say: I ​thought he was joking when he said Helen was ​pregnant, but she really is. She wasn't joking (= she was ​serious) when she said she was going to ​move out of the ​house.
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(Definition of joke from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "joke" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /dʒoʊk/

joke noun (AMUSING)

[C] something, such as an ​amusingstory or ​trick, that is said or done in ​order to make ​peoplelaugh: He told a joke about a ​farmer and a ​lawyer that made Nicholas ​burst into ​laughter.

joke noun (RIDICULOUS)

[U] infml something ​considered to be so ​bad or ​worthless that it is ​ridiculous: The ​playingconditions on the ​muddyfield were a joke. The ​midtermexam was a joke (= too ​easy).


 us   /dʒoʊk/

joke verb (AMUSE)

to say things in an ​amusing or ​playfulmanner: [I] He joked about how I was always ​cleaning. [+ that clause] They’ve always joked that the ​place is so ​wet, the bullfrogs have to ​sit on the ​fences.
(Definition of joke from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
Traducciones de “joke”
en coreano 농담…
en árabe نُكْتة…
in Malaysian jenaka, gurauan, kelakar…
en francés blague, tour…
en ruso анекдот, шутка…
en chino (tradicionál) 有趣的, 笑話, 玩笑…
en italiano barzelletta…
en turco şaka, espri, fıkra…
en polaco dowcip…
en español chiste, gracia…
in Vietnamese lời nói đùa, trò đùa…
en portugués piada…
in Thai เรื่องตลก, สิ่งขบขัน…
en alemán der Witz, der Streich…
en catalán acudit…
en japonés 冗談, ジョーク…
en chino (simplificado) 有趣的, 笑话, 玩笑…
in Indonesian lelucon…
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