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junk en inglés británico

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uk /dʒʌŋk/ us /dʒʌŋk/

junkverb [ T ]

uk /dʒʌŋk/ us /dʒʌŋk/ informal

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junk en inglés americano

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junknoun [ U ]

us /dʒʌŋk/

things that are considered to be useless, worthless, or of low quality:

I cleared all the junk out of the garage.

junkverb [ T ]

us /dʒʌŋk/ infml

to throw out something because it is does not work well or is worthless:

Why don’t we junk this old TV and get a new one?

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junk en inglés de negocios

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uk /dʒʌŋk/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET relating to debt or investment in a company or organization that has a low credit rating (= ability to pay its debt):

Junk advocates point out that the average junk portfolio lost about 10% of its value in October, a vastly superior performance to equities.
junk level/rating/status The corporate bond market is heading for its worst year for credit quality after a wave of recent downgrades to junk status.

COMMUNICATIONS relating to advertising in the form of mail, email, etc. that is sent without your asking for it:

Junk fax companies are constantly searching for new numbers to call in a process called war dialing.

(Definición de junk del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)