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kangaroonoun [ C ]

uk /ˌkæŋ.ɡərˈuː/ us /ˌkæŋ.ɡəˈruː/ plural kangaroos or kangaroo

Examples from literature

  • Australians call a baby kangaroo a joey. 
  • Baby kangaroos live in their mother’s pouch. 
  • It has a pouch for its babies, like the kangaroo. 
  • Kangaroos can be gray or red. 
  • Kangaroos hop on two legs, while grasshoppers hop on six. 
  • The Australian animal that everybody knows is the kangaroo. 
  • The kangaroo can hop very far and very fast. 
  • The kangaroo is born after only 35 days inside its mother. 
  • The kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. 
  • The kangaroo is the only large animal that jumps – goes up and down – from one place to another. 

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kangaroo en inglés americano

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kangaroonoun [ C ]

us /ˌkæŋ·ɡəˈru/ plural kangaroos

a type of large, Australian mammal with a long, thick tail, short front legs, and long powerful back legs, that moves by jumping

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