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uk /kɪl/ us /kɪl/

kill verb (DEATH)

A2 [ I or T ] to cause someone or something to die:

Her parents were killed in a plane crash.
Smoking can kill.
Food must be heated to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria.

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kill verb (ENTERTAIN)

[ T ] mainly US informal to make someone laugh a lot:

That comedian kills me.
kill yourself informal

to laugh very much:

We were killing ourselves laughing.

killnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /kɪl/ us /kɪl/

an animal or bird that has been hunted and killed, or the action of killing:

The leopard seizes its kill and begins to eat.
Like other birds of prey, it quickly moves in for the kill.

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killverb [ I/T ]

us /kɪl/

to cause someone or something to die:

[ T ] Livestock are being killed by tigers in some areas.
[ I ] Just a tiny drop of this poison is enough to kill.
[ T ] fig. If you tell Mom, I’ll kill you (= I will be extremely angry with you).

To kill something can also mean to hurt, damage, remove, or destroy it:

[ T ] It wouldn’t kill you to apologize.
[ T ] The doctor gave her something to kill the pain.
kill time also time to kill

If you kill time or have time to kill, you do something while you are waiting for something else to happen:

We killed some time playing cards while we waited for the flight.
I had a couple of hours to kill before dinner.
noun [ C ] us /ˈkɪl·ɪŋ/

She refused to take part in the killing of animals.

killnoun [ U ]

us /kɪl/

an animal that has been hunted and killed:

The leopard seized its kill and dragged it into the bush.

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kill en inglés de negocios

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killverb [ T ]

uk /kɪl/ us

to stop or destroy something:

The board's negative vote killed the deal.
The poor economic situation has killed the plan to expand the business.
All sorts of new media are killing regional newspapers.

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