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knee en inglés británico

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kneenoun [ C ]

uk /niː/ us /niː/

B1 the middle joint of the leg that allows the leg to bend:

The baby was crawling around on its hands and knees.
He got/went down on his knees (= got into a position where his knees were on the ground) in front of the altar.
She took the child and sat it on her knee (= on the part of the leg above the knee when sitting down).

the part of a piece of clothing that covers the knee:

She was wearing an old pair of trousers with rips at the knees.

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kneeverb [ T ]

uk /niː/ us /niː/

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knee en inglés americano

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kneenoun [ C ]

us /ni/

the middle joint of the leg:

I stood in the water up to my knees.
He got down on his hands and knees to look for his contact lens.

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