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latch en inglés británico

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latchnoun [ C ]

uk /lætʃ/ us /lætʃ/

a device for keeping a door or gate closed, consisting of a metal bar that fits into a hole and is lifted by pushing down on another bar

on the latch UK

closed but not locked:

Don't forget to leave the front door on the latch if you go to bed before I get back.

latchverb [ I or T ]

uk /lætʃ/ us /lætʃ/

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latch en inglés americano

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latchnoun [ C ]

us /lætʃ/

a fastening device for a door or gate

verb [ I/T ] us /lætʃ/

[ T ] Make sure the cabinet door is latched so the cat can’t get in.

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