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uk /ˈleɪ.zi/ us /ˈleɪ.zi/

A2 disapproving not willing to work or use any effort:

Managers had complained that the workers were lazy and unreliable.
Get out of bed, you lazy thing!
He's too lazy to walk to work.

B2 approving slow and relaxed:

We spent a lazy day on the beach sunbathing.

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adverb uk /ˈleɪ.zəl.i/ us /ˈleɪ.zəl.i/

Palm trees swayed lazily in the soft breeze.
noun [ U ] uk /ˈleɪ.zi.nəs/ us /ˈleɪ.zi.nəs/


I could go to the gym - it's just laziness that stops me.

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lazyadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /ˈleɪ·zi/

not willing or not wanting to work or use effort to do something:

If you weren’t so lazy we could start fixing up the house.

If you describe an event or activity as lazy, you mean that it is slow and gentle, or does not involve much effort:

a lazy breeze
We spent a lazy afternoon sunbathing on the beach.
noun [ U ] /ˈleɪ·zi·nəs/

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uk /ˈleɪzi/ us

not willing to work hard or make an effort:

His line manager felt that he was brilliant but lazy.

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