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legal en inglés británico

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uk /ˈliː.ɡəl/ us /ˈliː.ɡəl/

legal adjective (LAW)

B2 connected with the law:

legal advice
legal status
your legal rights
my legal representatives (= my lawyers)

B2 allowed by the law:

Is abortion legal in your country?

Más ejemplos

  • You have a legal obligation to ensure your child receives a proper education.
  • It's an organization that offers free legal advice to people on low incomes.
  • She won the court case, but she had to pay an enormous amount in legal fees.
  • Channel 4 is running a series on the unfairness of the legal system.
  • Unless the money is returned, we shall shortly be contacting our legal department.

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legal en inglés americano

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legaladjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈli·ɡəl/

connected with or allowed by the law:

the legal profession
the legal right to vote
adverb us /ˈli·ɡə·li/

The contract is legally binding.

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legal en inglés de negocios

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uk /ˈliːɡəl/ us LAW

connected with the system of law within a country or area:

There isn't a formal legal agreement that binds us together as a company.
a legal battle/dispute Two years of legal battles and delay sent the project's cost spiraling.
legal fees

allowed by law:

The report fails to make a distinction between legal / and illegal immigrants.
Regulators are reviewing the purchase to make sure it is legal.

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