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uk /ˈlɪt.ər.əl.i/ us /ˈlɪt̬.ɚ.əl.i/

B2 using the real or original meaning of a word or phrase:

They were responsible for literally millions of deaths.
We live literally just round the corner from her.

If you translate literally, you translate each word in a text separately, without looking at how the words are used together in a phrase or sentence:

Translations that are done too literally often don't flow well or don't sound natural.

informal used to emphasize what you are saying:

He missed that kick literally by miles.
I was literally bowled over by the news.

informal simply or just:

Then you literally cut the sausage down the middle.

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us /ˈlɪt̬·ər·ə·li/

[ not gradable ] used for emphasizing how large or great an amount is:

There were literally hundreds of pages to read in the contract.

[ not gradable ] Literally is also used to emphasize a statement and suggest that it is surprising:

I literally (= really) had no idea you and Sophie were coming.

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Our failure to agree this crucial part of the text would leave disabled people quite literally falling through the crack, a crack for which we would ourselves be responsible.
Cultural content in particular is in danger of waking up in a new environment in which literally nothing of the old environment remains.
Thousands of workers in this sector are literally starving and entire areas are being condemned to decline, with unemployment over 80%.
We also need a situation where no one makes money from medicines, which are literally a matter of life and death, destined for poor countries.
We literally said this in that text.
Nevertheless, the fact that women quite literally suffer segregation and have not been able to vote or stand for office is a blatant anachronism.
Many old sites are literally centuries old and have developed in such a way that they are now sites of scientific interest and contain particular flora and fauna.
By abandoning efforts to secure the infinite growth of what is literally an 'institutional monster' , of ever-increasing remoteness, complexity, opacity and uncontrollability, and start enthusiastically advocating genuine, controlled subsidiarity.
The soldiers prevent open hostilities, they sometimes help to seize war criminals, they support the reconstruction literally with their own hands, for example, by building bridges.
I met members of the opposition, dissidents, who literally told me that those who are not part of the regime simply do not exist.