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uk /ləʊn/ us /loʊn/

loan noun (SUM)

B1 [ C ] an amount of money that is borrowed, often from a bank, and has to be paid back, usually together with an extra amount of money that you have to pay as a charge for borrowing:

She's trying to get a $50,000 loan to start her own business.
We could apply for/take out a loan to buy a car.

Más ejemplos

on loan

If a football player is on loan, they are playing for a different club for a limited period of time:

He spent a month on loan at Newcastle.

loanverb [ T ]

uk /ləʊn/ us /loʊn/

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loan en inglés americano

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loannoun [ C/U ]

us /loʊn/

an act of lending something, esp. a sum of money that that has to be paid back with interest (= an additional amount of money that is a percentage of the amount borrowed), or an amount of money that has been lent:

[ U ] Thanks for the loan of your bike.
[ C ] My brother repaid his student loan within five years.
The painting is on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (= has been lent to it, esp. for more than a short period of time).

loanverb [ T ]

us /loʊn/

to lend something, esp. money:

Can you loan me $10 until payday?

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loan en inglés de negocios

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loannoun [ C ]

uk /ləʊn/ us FINANCE

money that someone borrows from a bank or other financial organization for a period of time during which they pay interest:

a loan to sb/sth The bank's portfolio of loans to commercial and industrial firms shrank from $15.7 billion the previous year to $12.7 billion.
get/take out/apply for a loan Before you take out a loan sit down and list all the money you have coming in.
pay off/pay back/repay a loan New restrictions require lenders to check a person's income and ability to repay the loan.
provide/give/make a loan World banks injected as much as $64 billion into global money markets to encourage banks to make loans again.
approve/refuse a loan
a low-interest/fixed-rate/interest-only loan
Banks and particularly building societies expect the amount of loans in arrears to increase.

loanverb [ T ]

uk /ləʊn/ us

to lend someone something:

loan sb sth/loan sth to sb The finance report showed that a wealthy donor had loaned his campaign $1.15 million.
Lenders who loaned money for more than houses were worth have become victims of the economic downturn.

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