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lock up

phrasal verb with lock us /lɑk/ verb [ I/T ]


to make a building or room safe by locking the door and fastening the windows:

Don't forget to lock up when you leave the house.

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lock-up en inglés de negocios

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lock-upnoun [ C ]

also lockup uk us

STOCK MARKET an agreement or period of time during which someone cannot get back the money they have invested:

The moment the lock-up ended, the company's founders sold as much stock as they could get away with.
lock-up agreement/provision/arrangement Management were barred from selling shares under the terms of a lock-up agreement until 12 July.
Some eurobonds have a lockup period of 90 days before they can be sold.

UK a building used for storing things safely:

He stores the goods in a lock-up he rents near the market.

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