Significado de “log” - en el Diccionario Inglés

lognoun [ C ]

uk /lɒɡ/ us /lɑːɡ/


uk /lɒɡ/ us /lɑːɡ/ -gg-

log verb (RECORD)

[ T ] to officially record something:

The Better Business Bureau has logged more than 90 complaints.

[ T ] UK also log up to travel and record a particular distance

Phrasal verb(s)

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lognoun [ C ]

us /lɔɡ, lɑɡ/

log noun [ C ] (WOOD)

a thick piece of tree trunk or branch:

Stack the logs near the fireplace.

log noun [ C ] (RECORD)

a full, written record of a trip, a period of time, or an event:

a ship’s log


us /lɔɡ, lɑɡ/ -gg-

log verb (RECORD)

[ T ] to put information into a written record:

[ T ] The police have logged several complaints about loud parties in that building.
[ T ] He has logged over 1500 hours of flying time (= flown and recorded this amount).

log verb (WOOD)

[ I/T ] to cut down trees for their wood, or to remove trees from a place by cutting them down:

[ T ] Timber companies logged these mountains for years.
[ T ] The Bureau of Land Management is reviewing plans to log more trees in Western Oregon.

Phrasal verb(s)

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logverb [ T ]

uk /lɒɡ/ us -gg-

to write something down to make an official record of it:

log sth in/into sth Supervisors log an employee's driver's license number into a database.
log a call/claim/complaint During the first seven months of the year, the company logged 170 complaints.

to manage to do or get a particular number of something, especially a large number:

The company has logged about 550 orders for new aircraft this year.

Phrasal verb(s)

lognoun [ C ]

uk /lɒɡ/ us also log book

an official record of something:

keep a log (of sth) You should keep a log of your business travel to ensure you have proof of your expenses.
a user/visitor log The security guard wrote our names in the visitor log.
a learning/maintenance/production log The repairmen keep detailed maintenance log books.
a flight/ship's log
a daily/weekly/monthly log Project managers are instructed to keep a daily log of their activities.

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