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logjam en inglés americano

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logjamnoun [ C ]

us /ˈlɔɡˌdʒæm, ˈlɑɡ-/

something that blocks the ability to do other things:

They broke the logjam by starting a series of discussions.

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logjam en inglés de negocios

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logjamnoun [ C ]

also log-jam uk /ˈlɒɡdʒæm/ us

a situation in which no progress can be made because an agreement cannot be reached:

The union told its members it would try to break the log-jam by dealing with individual companies.
a legislative/political/legal logjam High oil prices could unlock the political logjam that has blocked developments in alternative energy.

a large number of things that have not been dealt with because there are too many to deal with:

Without the improvements travellers will start to see continual log-jams at the airport's check-in areas.
a logjam of sth Yesterday's canceled meeting has created a logjam of work.
Email and video-conferencing helped to break the bureaucratic logjam.

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