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majority en inglés británico

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uk /məˈdʒɒr.ə.ti/ us /məˈdʒɑː.rə.t̬i/

majority noun (NUMBER)

B2 [ S ] the larger number or part of something:

The majority of the employees have university degrees.
A large majority of people approve of the death sentence.
In Britain women are in the/a majority.

[ C ] in an election, the difference in the number of votes between the winning person or group and the one that comes second:

The Democratic candidate won by a narrow/large majority.

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majority en inglés americano

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majoritynoun [ U ]

us /məˈdʒɔr·ɪ·t̬i, -ˈdʒɑr-/

more than half of a total number or amount; the larger part of something:

A majority of the people voted against the bill to raise school taxes.

politics & government A majority is also the difference in the number of votes in an election between the winning person or group and the one that has the second highest number:

[ C ] The Republicans won by a small majority.

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majority en inglés de negocios

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uk /məˈdʒɒrəti/ us plural majorities

[ S ] most of the people or things in a group:

The majority of our prepayment customers are people on a low income.
Improved economic conditions for the majority have led to big increases in ownership of consumer goods, cars, houses, and clothing.
vast/overwhelming/great majority (of sth) The vast majority of tickets are sold through the website.
be in a/the majority Men are still in the majority when it comes to senior management positions.

[ C ] the difference between the number of votes received by a political party, group, etc. that wins an election or discussion and the parties or groups that lose:

The amendment has divided Democrats and could cost the party its newly won majority.
majority voting/a majority vote
by a majority of sth to sth A recent poll found that voters were in favor of the resolution by a majority of 71% to 24%.
clear/comfortable/large majority The chairman must continue taking votes until one nominee has a clear majority.

[ U ] LAW the age at which someone is legally considered to be an adult:

someone's majority She will inherit the business when she reaches her majority.

majorityadjective [ before noun ]

uk /məˈdʒɒrəti/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET used to refer to the situation when a person or organization owns more shares in a company than any other shareholder, and enough to be in control of the company:

According to government requirements, the airline must not fall into foreign majority control.
The group's majority shareholder has been accused of withholding financial data.
Profits have soared, thanks in part to the company's majority ownership of the country's most successful newspaper group.

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