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Significado de “make” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "make" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /meɪk/ (made, made)

make verb (PRODUCE)

A1 [T] to ​produce something, often using a ​particularsubstance or ​material: Do you ​want me to make some ​coffee? He made a ​chocolatecake. She makes all her own ​clothes. [+ two objects] He made us some ​coffee./He made some ​coffee for us. The ​pot is made towithstand high ​temperatures. He ​works for a ​company that makes ​furniture. The ​label on the ​box said "made in ​China". Butter is made out of/frommilk. earrings made ofgold Her new ​trainer has ​promised to make an ​Olympicathlete of her.A1 [T] To make a ​film or ​televisionprogramme is to direct, produce it, or ​act in it: John Huston made some ​greatmovies. The ​movie was made by Goldcrest Productions. So why didn't Garbo make any ​films after 1941?
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make verb (CAUSE TO BE)

[T] to ​cause to be, to ​become, or to ​appear as: [+ noun] It's the good ​weather that makes Spain such a ​populartouristdestination. [+ past participle] She had to ​shout to make herself ​heard above the ​sound of the ​music. I can make myself ​understood in ​French, but I'm not ​fluent. They went up to the Ambassador and made themselves ​known (to her). [+ adj] The ​companyaccounts have not ​yet been made ​public. The book's ​advertised as "​navigation made easy". The ​president has made Henry Paulson his ​Secretary of the Treasury. I'll have a ​steak - no, make thatchicken.make certain/sure A2 to take ​action so that you are ​certain that something ​happens, is ​true, etc.: I'll just make ​sure I've ​turned the ​oven off. Make ​certain (that) we have enough ​food for the ​party. Make ​sure you're ​home by ​midnight. Jones made ​sure of his ​place on the ​team with three ​greatgoals. I ​think I ​locked the ​door but I'll go back and ​check just to make ​sure.
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make verb (PERFORM)

A2 [T] to ​perform an ​action: I have to make a ​phonecall. Somebody has made a ​donation of £1 million to the ​charityOxfam. I need to make a doctor's ​appointment. On ​foot they could only make about 20 ​miles a ​day. We must make a decision by ​tomorrow. You're not making any effort. Someone has made a ​mistake/an ​error. We're making good progress. She has made a request for a new ​car. We made an offer of £450,000 for the ​house. She made a ​short speech. Is it ​time to make a ​start on the ​work? Can I make a suggestion? We made good time getting ​acrosstown. There's a ​drunk at the ​door making trouble.make room/space/way C2 If you make ​room/​space/way for something or someone, you ​moveyourbody or ​move other things, so that there is ​space for it, him, or her.make a bed to ​pull up and ​tidy the ​covers on a ​bed after it has been ​slept in: She ​hurriedupstairs and ​quickly made the ​beds.
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make verb (TOTAL)

[L only + noun, T] to ​produce a ​total when ​added together: 12 and 12 make 24. Today's ​earthquake makes five since the ​beginning of the ​year. [+ obj + noun ] I have 29 different ​teapots in my ​collection - if I ​buy this one that'll make it 30.
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  • There'll be us four there, ​plusgrandma makes five.
  • Three ​add three makes six.
  • That makes three ​times you've been late now.
  • What do five sevens make.
  • That makes five ​exercisesessions this ​week.

make verb (CALCULATE)

UK [T + obj + noun ] to ​calculate as: How much do you make the ​total? I make the ​answer (to be) 105.6. What do you make the ​time?/What ​time do you make it?
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  • I make it 2,300.
  • I made it three o'clock ​exactly when they set off.
  • What do you make his ​temperature?
  • I make it just gone two o'clock.
  • I make the ​total £5.69.

make verb (ARRIVE)

B1 [T] informal to ​arrive at or ​reach, ​especiallysuccessfully: She made it to the ​airport just in ​time to ​catch her ​plane. He made it to the ​bed and then ​collapsed. Could you make a ​meeting at 8 a.m.?/Could you make an 8 a.m. ​meeting?
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make verb (GET PLACE)

[T] to ​succeed in getting a ​place in a ​team: She ​failed to make the ​Olympicsquad.

make verb (APPEAR IN NEWS)

[T] to ​appear as a ​story in the ​news: His ​story made the ​papers back ​home. The ​civilwar in Mozambique made few ​headlines around the ​globe.

make verb (PERFECT)

[T] informal to ​cause to be ​perfect: Those little ​bows around the ​neck really make the ​dress!

makenoun [C]

uk   us   /meɪk/
a ​type of ​product or the ​name of the ​company that made it: What make is ​yourlaptop?
(Definition of make from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "make" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /meɪk/ (past tense and past participle made  /meɪd/ )

make verb (PRODUCE)

[T] to ​bring something into ​existence, esp. using a ​particularsubstance or ​material; ​produce: Does that ​company make ​computers? Butter is made from ​cream. My ​weddingring is made of ​gold. He made us some ​coffee.

make verb (CAUSE)

[T] to ​cause something: The ​kids made a ​mess in the ​kitchen. Don’t make any ​noise.

make verb (CAUSE TO BE)

[T] to ​cause something to be, ​become, or ​appear in a ​particular way: If you ​open some ​windows, you’ll make it ​cooler. He said something that made her ​angry. We can ​sitcloser together and make ​room (= ​providespace) for one more. We’re making ​ourattic into a ​sparebedroom.

make verb (PERFORM)

[T] to ​perform an ​action: I’ve got to make a (​phone) ​call to Ricardo. We must make a ​decision by ​tomorrow. Someone has made a ​mistake. Latisha is making ​progress in her ​reading. Can I make a ​suggestion? We might as well make use of the ​car, since we’ve got it for the ​wholeweekend.make the bed To make the ​bed is to put ​sheets and ​covers on a ​bed so that someone can ​sleep in it, or to ​straighten them after it has been ​slept in.

make verb (FORCE)

[T] to ​force someone or something to do something: Ambition will make you get up off ​yoursofa and go out and ​work for what you ​want.

make verb (BE OR BECOME)

[L] to be or ​become something, esp. by having the ​necessary characteristics: I don’t ​think he will ​ever make a good ​lawyer. Hector and Wanda make a ​delightfulcouple. He ​worked really hard, but he didn’t make the ​team (= was not ​chosen to be a ​member of it).

make verb (TOTAL)

[L] to ​add up to (a ​total): 6 and 6 make 12.

make verb (EARN)

[T] to ​earn or get: She makes $70,000 a ​year. Can you make a ​living as a ​painter?

make verb (ARRIVE)

[T] infml to ​arrive at or ​reach: We should make Whitefish Bay by ​nightfall. He made it to the ​bed and then ​collapsed.
noun [C]  us   /ˈmeɪ·kər/
The makers of ​musicvideos show a ​fantasyworld.

makenoun [C]

 us   /meɪk/

make noun [C] (PRODUCT)

a ​particularproduct, or the ​name of the ​company that made it: What make of ​airconditioner do you ​recommend?
(Definition of make from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "make" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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makeverb [T]

uk   us   /meɪk/ (made, made)
to ​produce or prepare ​goods, etc.: The ​firm is only a ​smallplayer in the ​industry, making around 1,000 ​vehicles a ​year. We make ​software that ​allowsmobileemployees to ​connect securely to their ​corporatenetworks.made of sth The bottles are made of ​opaque glass so that the ​contents cannot be seen.made from sth All our coffee is made from beans ​sourcedlocally.
to ​earn or receive ​money: make money Investors are hoping that one day "​green" ​companies will make serious ​money.make $30,000/£500/€75m, etc. The ​state of Alaska makes around $50 million a ​year on tobacco ​taxes. She makes around £100,000 a ​year as a dentist.make sth on sth They made $500,000 in ​total on the ​deal.make a living In this ​area it's hard to make a ​living as a gardener.
to do a particular thing: make a decision/mistake/improvement No ​major decisions are made without the CEO's ​approval.make a deal/purchase/offer The ​dealincludes a $25 million ​break-upfee, which could encourage other ​bidders to make a ​competingoffer.
to say something ​officially or ​formally: make a recommendation/statement/judgment The ​audit makes a ​series of ​recommendations.make an announcement/a comment/a speech Both ​partiesplan to make an announcement before Christmas.
to choose someone as something, or ​employ someone as something: He was made Principal Analyst within a ​year of ​joining the ​company.
to cause someone or something to be in a particular ​state: In August this ​year, she was made ​redundant from her ​job at the ​bank after 15 ​years' ​service.make sth available/accessible/user-friendly One of the project's ​keygoals is to make the ​websiteavailable in different ​languages.
make a market (in sth) to be ​ready, ​willing, and able to ​buy or ​sell particular ​bonds, ​shares, etc. as a dealer: Western ​investmentbanks are being ​allowed to make a ​market in Chinese ​domesticshares.
make a payment/loan/investment, etc. to ​pay, ​lend, ​invest, etc. ​money: Shareholders may ​authorize a third ​party, such as a ​bank or ​employer, to make ​investments directly to their Fund ​accounts.
make a profit/loss to ​earn or ​lose more ​money than you ​spend: The ​business made a pre-tax ​profit of £14.9m last ​year.
make a go of sth informal to make something ​successful: They ​spent nearly all their ​savingstrying to make a go of the ​business. It has become ​increasingly difficult for ​independentoperators to make a go of it.
make good (also make it (big)) informal to become ​rich and ​successful: After ​years of hard ​work, she ​finally made good. Los Angeles is ​full of ​people who go there to "make it ​big" like the ​stars in Hollywood.
make good a deficit, shortfall, etc. to ​reduce the ​badeffect of there not being enough of something, for ​examplemoney: Many ​employers have been called upon to make good the ​deficits in their ​pensionplans. Exports of North Sea ​oil and ​gas dried up and ​failed to make good the ​shortfall in the ​manufacturingsector.
make sth good to ​pay for or ​repair something that has been ​damaged: The ​company is not under any ​liability to make good any ​damage to the ​site.
make good on sth to do something that you have promised to do, for ​examplepaying back ​money that you ​owe or ​paying for the ​cost of ​damage you have caused: The ​company did not ​acknowledge its future ​obligation to make good on the ​lossessustained by its ​offshorepartnerships.
make or break to cause someone or something either to be very ​successful, or to cause them to ​fail: The first ​year of ​trading can make or ​break a new ​business.

makenoun [C]

uk   us   /meɪk/
COMMERCE the ​name of a ​product made by a particular ​company, rather than by other ​companies that make similar ​products: Depending on the make and ​model, ​delivery could take as little as a week. What make ofcar do you ​drive?
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be on the make disapproving to be ​trying very hard to get more ​money or ​power for yourself: Many ​peopleassume that politicians are just on the make.
(Definition of make from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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