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maker en inglés británico

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makernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmeɪ.kər/ us /ˈmeɪ.kɚ/

B2 the people or company that make something:

They're the biggest maker of fast-food products in the UK
The makers of the film will want to see a decent return on their investment.
your Maker


humorous He's gone to meet his Maker (= he has died).

a person or machine that makes the stated thing:

a watchmaker
car makers
a coffee maker

Más ejemplos

  • Stradivarius was a famous violin maker.
  • The programme makers reject the notion that seeing violence on television has a harmful effect on children.
  • The makers should provide an instruction manual on how to use the product.
  • We really ought to send this back to the maker and complain - after all, it wasn't cheap.
  • Many of the people on the island are textile makers by trade.

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-maker en inglés de negocios

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a person, company, or machine that makes a particular thing:

Who are the policy-makers in the department?
a coffee-maker

makernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmeɪkər/ us

PRODUCTION a person or company that makes a particular type of product:

Makers of the latest mobile email device have settled a lawsuit that threatened to cut off their service.
The merchandise was returned to the maker.
a car/computer/software, etc. maker

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