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manner en inglés británico

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uk /ˈmæn.ər/ us /ˈmæn.ɚ/

manner noun (WAY)

B2 [ S ] the way in which something is done:

She stared at me in an accusing manner.
He was elected in the normal manner.
It was the manner of her death that stuck in the public's mind.
in the manner of sth

in the style of something:

Her latest film is a suspense thriller very much in the manner of Hitchcock.

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manner noun (POLITE BEHAVIOUR)

manners B2 [ plural ]

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polite ways of treating other people and behaving in public:

He needs to be taught some manners.
It's bad manners to eat with your mouth open.
It's considered good manners in some societies to leave a little food on your plate.

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manner en inglés americano

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mannernoun [ U ]

us /ˈmæn·ər/

manner noun [ U ] (WAY)

the way in which something is done:

Please exit the building in an orderly manner.

manner noun [ U ] (BEHAVIOR)

the usual way in which you behave toward other people, or the way you behave on a particular occasion:

His manner was formal, though friendly.
She had a warm smile and an engaging manner.

(Definición de manner del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)