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Significado de “mark” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "mark" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /mɑːk/  us   /mɑːrk/

mark noun (DIFFERENT AREA)

B2 [C] a ​smallarea on the ​surface of something that is ​damaged, ​dirty, or different in some way: There weredirty marks on her ​trousers where she had ​wiped her ​hands. His ​fingers had left marks on the table's ​polishedsurface. She had a ​red mark on her ​arm where she'd ​burned herself. [C] a ​typicalfeature or one that ​allows you to ​recognize someone or something: Did ​yourattacker have any distinguishing marks, such as a ​scar or a ​birthmark? You can ​tell which ​puppy is which from the marks (also markings) on ​theirfur.
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mark noun (SYMBOL)

C1 [C] a ​symbol that is used for giving ​information: I've put a mark on the ​map where I ​think we should go for a ​picnic. What do those marks in the ​middle of the ​roadmean? [C] a written or ​printedsymbol: a ​question mark an ​exclamation mark punctuation marks
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mark noun (FOR SCHOOL WORK)

A2 [C] mainly UK (US usually grade) a ​judgment, ​expressed as a ​number or ​letter, about the ​quality of a ​piece of ​work done at ​school, ​college, or ​university: What mark did you get in the ​biologyexam? Matilda's had very good marks in/for ​Englishthroughout the ​year.UK You ​scored full marks in the ​test - ten out of ten!
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  • What mark did he get in his ​exam?
  • She did no ​revision, but she still got a very high mark.
  • She got good marks for all her ​work.
  • I need good marks to go on to the next ​part of the ​course.
  • The ​teacher gave a me a good mark for my ​essay.

mark noun (LEVEL)

[S] the ​levelintended or ​wanted: Sales have already passed the million mark.
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C2 [C] an ​action that is ​understood to ​represent or show a ​characteristic of a ​person or thing or ​feeling: He took off his ​hat as a mark of ​respect for her ​deadhusband. It's the mark of a ​gentleman to ​stand up when someone ​enters the ​room. I'd like to give this ​bottle of ​wine as a mark ofappreciation for all the ​work you've done for us.
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mark noun (MONEY)


uk   /mɑːk/  us   /mɑːrk/

mark verb (PIECE OF WORK)

B2 [T] mainly UK (US usually grade) to ​correctmistakes in and give ​points for a ​piece of ​work: I was up ​half the ​night marking exam papers.UK You'll be marked down (= given a ​lower mark) for ​poorspelling and ​punctuation.
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C1 [I or T] to make a mark on something or someone: Make ​sure you don't mark the ​walls while you're ​moving the ​furniture around. A ​darkcarpet won't mark as ​easily as a ​light one.

mark verb (REPRESENT)

[T] to ​represent or show a ​characteristic of a ​person or thing or ​feeling: The band's ​songs have always been marked by ​controversiallyrics. The ​signing of the ​treaty marked a ​majormilestone on the ​road to ​Europeanunion. [T] to show ​respect for or commemorate : Tomorrow's ​parade will mark the 50th anniversary of the ​battle.

mark verb (INDICATE)

B2 [T] to show where something is by ​drawing or putting something ​somewhere: I've marked the ​route around the town's ​one-waysystem on the ​map. I'd like everyone to mark ​theirprogress on the ​chart every ​week. X marks the ​spot where the ​treasure is ​buried.

mark verb (SPORTS)

[T] UK (US cover) to ​prevent a ​member of the ​opposingteam from taking ​control of the ​ball by ​stayingclose to them all the ​time


uk   /mɑːk/  us   /mɑːrk/
used before a ​number to ​describe a ​particularversion of a ​machine, ​especially one that is an ​improvement on the ​originalversion: The ​car has ​enjoyedmodestsuccess since ​itslaunch, but the Mark 2 ​version is ​expected to be ​far more ​popular. UK used before a ​number to show what ​temperature you should use for ​cooking something in a ​gasoven: Cook at Mark 5 for 20 ​minutes.
(Definition of mark from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "mark" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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marknoun [C]

 us   /mɑrk/

mark noun [C] (SMALL AREA)

a ​smallarea on the ​surface of something that is ​damaged, ​dirty, a different ​color, or in some other way not like the ​rest of the ​surface: You’ve got ​paint marks on ​yourshirt. There were ​skid marks where the ​car had gone off the ​road.

mark noun [C] (WRITING)

a written or ​printedsymbol: a ​punctuation mark a ​check mark Put a mark in the ​box that ​corresponds to the ​correctanswer.

mark noun [C] (SIGN)

an ​action that is ​understood to ​represent a ​characteristic or ​feeling: As a mark of ​respect for those who ​died, there will be a ​minute of ​silence.

mark noun [C] (JUDGMENT)

a ​letter or ​number used as a ​measure of how good a student’s ​work is, usually given by a ​teacher; a grade : I got a ​decent mark on my ​finalexam and ​wound up with a B for the ​course. fig. If you give someone high/​low marks for something, you ​judge that ​person to be good or ​bad in a ​particular way: I’d ​certainly give him high marks for ​perseverance, but he doesn’t have much ​talent.

mark noun [C] (PURPOSE)

an ​intendedresult or an ​objectaimed at: Massmarketingtechniques very often ​misstheirintended marks. Her ​arrowhit the mark.

markverb [T]

 us   /mɑrk/

mark verb [T] (REPRESENT)

to ​represent something that has ​happened in the past or is about to ​happen: A ​guidedtour will be ​held to mark the ​opening of the new ​school. Today marks my tenth ​anniversary with this ​company.

mark verb [T] (SMALL AREA)

to put a ​line, ​spot, ​color, etc., that is different from the ​rest of a ​surface on a ​smallarea of that ​surface : Sale ​items are marked in ​red on the ​tags.

mark verb [T] (JUDGMENT)

to put a ​number or ​letter on a student’s ​work that ​shows how good it is: I have a ​stack of ​exampapers to mark.
(Definition of mark from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "mark" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /mɑːk/
[C] a ​smallarea on a surface that is ​damaged, ​dirty, a different colour, etc.: She ​returned the garment because it had a mark on the ​front.
[C] a ​symbol or ​sign which is used for showing where or what something is: For every ​customer who comes through the door, put a mark in this ​column.
[S] a ​level that is important in some way: the million dollar/10-billion/30-minute, etc. mark The Dow Jones Index ​broke through the 5,100 mark.pass/top/exceed the ... mark Sales have already ​passed the million mark.
[C] a ​number or score saying how good something is or how well someone has done: We give them a mark out of ten for ​service, ​foodquality, and ​value for ​money.
a mark of sth something that ​shows or proves a particular ​quality, ​feeling, etc.: With wine, an appellation is not necessarily a mark of ​quality. On the day of his funeral, the ​factoryclosed early as a mark of ​respect.
leave your/its mark on sb/sth to have an ​effect that ​changes someone or something, often in a ​bad way: The hurricane continues to ​leave its mark on ​abandonedstripmalls and empty ​houses.
make a/your mark (on sth) to have an important ​effect on something: He is beginning to make his mark on the ​shape and direction of the Wall Street ​firm. I was very ​ambitious, and I wanted to make a mark.
off the mark not ​correct: His criticisms are way off the mark. You may only be guessing, but you are not far off the mark. not at the ​level that was expected: It is difficult to pinpoint why ​sales are off the mark. Why are his ​projections so far off the mark?
up to the mark good enough: Her latest ​batch of ​work just isn't up to the mark.

markverb [T]

uk   us   /mɑːk/
to write, ​print, or put ​information on something: mark sth with sth Make sure everything is marked with the ​ marked sth She ​divided the ​papers into ​piles marked "​action" and "no ​action".
to be something or show that something exists: That ​figure marks a 26% ​increase since the same ​time last ​year. The ​deal marked a high ​point in her ​career.
(Definition of mark from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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