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marsh en inglés

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uk /mɑːʃ/ us /mɑːrʃ/

[ C or U ] ground near a lake, a river, or the sea that often floods and is always wet:

At the mouth of the river is a large area of marsh.
Rain had been falling steadily all day and the ground had become a marsh.
marshes [ plural ] UK

a large area of marsh:

At low tide in the estuary, cows graze on the marshes.

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marsh en inglés americano

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marshnoun [ C/U ]

us /mɑrʃ/

an area of low, wet land, usually covered with tall grasses:

[ C ] The marshes along the coast are home to many shorebirds.
adjective us /ˈmɑr·ʃi/

marshy ground

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