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masquerade en inglés británico

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masqueradenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˌmæs.kərˈeɪd/ us /ˌmæs.kəˈreɪd/

behaviour that is intended to prevent the truth about something unpleasant or not wanted from becoming known:

They kept up the masquerade of being happily married for over 30 years.

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masquerade en inglés americano

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masqueradenoun [ C ]

us /ˌmæs·kəˈreɪd/

a party or dance in which people wear masks (= coverings for the face):

There were dozens of masquerade balls, parades, street dances, and fancy dress parties.

A masquerade is also a false show or appearance:

I’m afraid we will not have a fair election but another masquerade.

masqueradeverb [ I always + adv/prep ]

us /ˌmæs·kəˈreɪd/

to pretend or appear to be:

In this business, there are a lot of unqualified people masquerading as experts.

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