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matenoun [ C ]

uk /meɪt/ us /meɪt/

mate noun [ C ] (FRIEND)

B1 UK informal a friend:

We've been mates since our school days.
I usually go out with some of my mates from the office on Saturdays.
She's my best mate.

[ as form of address ] UK informal used as a friendly way of talking to someone, especially a man:

Have you got the time, mate?

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mate noun [ C ] (HELPER)

UK a person who is employed to help a skilled worker:

a carpenter's/plumber's mate

mate noun [ C ] (SHIP)

a type of officer on a trading ship rather than a military ship:

He had worked as a ship's mate for ten years.

mateverb [ I or T ]

uk /meɪt/ us /meɪt/


uk / -meɪt/ us / -meɪt/

used to show that two people share a space or are involved in the same activity:


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matenoun [ C ]

us /meɪt/

mate noun [ C ] (FRIEND)

Br infml a friend, or a person you work with

mate noun [ C ] (PARTNER)

an animal’s sexual partner:

Swans keep the same mate for life.

A mate is also a husband or wife.

mate noun [ C ] (PAIR)

either of a pair of matched objects:

I can’t find the mate to this sock.

mateverb [ I/T ]

us /meɪt/

mate verb [ I/T ] (PARTNER)

to have sex and produce young, or to cause a male and female animal to do this:

[ I ] Zoo officials are hoping the pandas will mate.

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