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Significado de “meet” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "meet" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /miːt/ (met, met)

meet verb (FOR THE FIRST TIME)

A1 [T or I] to ​see and ​talk to someone for the first ​time: They met at ​work. I met her in Hawaii. Would you like to meet my ​sister? Come and meet (= be ​introduced to) my ​friend Laura.
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meet verb (COME TOGETHER)

A1 [I or T] to come together with someone ​intentionally: Lorraine and I meet for ​lunchonce a ​month. We ​agreed to meet on ​Tuesday to ​discuss the ​project. The children's ​club meets every ​Thursdayafternoon. They're meeting withtheiradvisers to ​draw up a new ​plan. The ​president met the UK ​primeminister in London ​yesterday.A1 [T or I] to come together with someone without ​intending to: It's always ​awkward when you meet someone you ​know but you can't ​remembertheirname. Guess who I met in ​town today. We met ​ouroldneighbours at an ​auction last ​Saturday.
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meet verb (SATISFY)

C1 [T] to fulfil, ​satisfy, or ​achieve: The ​workers' ​demands for ​higherpay were not met by the ​management. We haven't ​yet been ​able to ​find a ​house that meets ​our needs/​requirements. They will only ​agree to ​sign the ​contract if ​certain conditions are met. Do you ​think we will be ​able to meet ​our deadline/​target? [T] to ​pay: The ​company has ​agreed to meet all ​ourexpenses.
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meet verb (PLACE)

B1 [T] to ​wait at a ​place for someone or something to ​arrive: Will you meet me at the ​airport (= be there when the ​aircraftarrives)?
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meet verb (TOUCH)

[I or T] to ​touch or ​join something: There's a ​largecrack where the ​ceiling meets the ​wall. The ​curtains don't ​quite meet. The ​horizon is the ​line where the ​sky meets the ​earth.

meet verb (EXPERIENCE)

[T] to ​experience something: I've never met that ​kind of ​problem/​system before. He met his ​death (= he ​died) in the ​icywaters of the ​South Atlantic.
Phrasal verbs

meetnoun [C]

uk   us   /miːt/
US a ​sportsevent: a ​track/​swim meet the first meet of the ​season UK an ​occasion when ​people go fox hunting
(Definition of meet from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "meet" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /mit/ (past tense and past participle met  /met/ )

meet verb (COME TOGETHER)

[I/T] to come together with another ​person: [I] We ​agreed to meet on ​Tuesday at six. [I] They’re meeting with ​their advisers to ​work out a new ​plan. [T] The ​doctor unexpectedly met one of her ​patients in the ​supermarket. [T] Will we meet Joyce’s ​plane (= be at the ​airport when she ​arrives)? [I] The ​teams met ​twice this ​season (= ​competed against each other ​twice).


[I/T] to ​becomefamiliar with someone for the first ​time: [I] They met at ​work. [T] I’d like you to meet my ​friend Laura.

meet verb (JOIN)

[I/T] (esp. of ​objects) to ​join or ​touch: [I] The ​curtains don’t meet in the ​middle of the ​window.

meet verb (FULFILL)

[T] to ​fulfill, ​satisfy, or ​achieve: We haven’t ​foundofficespace that meets ​ourneeds. Do you ​think she’ll be ​able to meet the ​deadline?

meetnoun [C]

 us   /mit/

meet noun [C] (SPORTS EVENT)

a ​sportsevent at which several ​teams or ​peoplecompete: a ​track meet a ​swimming meet
(Definition of meet from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "meet" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /miːt/ (met /met/ , met /met/ )
[I or T] to ​arrange to see a ​person or ​group of ​people in ​order to speak with them about something: Team ​members arranged to meet at ​designatedlocations in their respective cities. Committees meet ​regularly with ​planninggroups. Italy's ​lawmakers are meeting today to discuss the ​proposed new ​ sb Seniorgovernmentofficialsattended a ​gathering in Dubai in September to meet ​ at sth Delegates will meet at the Imperial Hotel next Wednesday at in Washington/Dubai/Shanghai, etc. European Union ​leaders are meeting in Nice to decide on various ​ with sb Trust ​directors have already met with ​staff to ​reviewrecords and discuss future ​performancetargets.
[T] to ​achieve the ​result or ​level that had been expected: We are on ​track to meet ​earningsforecasts. Due to ​stronggrowth in the homes ​division, the ​company met its ​homecompletiontarget of 8,000 for the ​ a target/expectation/goal Profits this ​year will not meet ​expectations because of a ​slowdown in the ​worldwideeconomicrecovery.
[T] to satisfy a ​demand or need: The ​mortgages they ​offer meet ​customerneeds for ​ a demand/need for sth To meet the ​demand for its ​services, the university is ​building a new ​ the needs of sb/sth Many new ​jobs are ​servicejobs to meet the ​dailyneeds of all the ​peoplemoving to the ​region.
[T] to do something that you must do because of a ​law or ​rule: meet a condition/requirement/obligation The Government has threatened to ​seize the ​assets of ​companies that do not meet their ​obligations to ​ met by sb/sth Certain ​criteria must be met by ​applicants before they can ​enrol on the ​program.
[T] to have enough ​money to ​pay for something, or to ​payamounts you ​owe: meet costs/payments/expenses Meeting ​mortgagepayments is becoming ​increasingly difficult for more and more ​people. be met by sb/sth
[T] to have the ​money or ​resources you need in ​order to do something, especially something that you have not done before: meet a challenge/opportunity We need a different set of ​strategies to ​help us meet the ​challenges of the new ​marketplace.
meet a deadline to ​finishwork at the ​time or by a ​date that has been previously ​agreed: Employees are under constant ​pressure to meet ​deadlines.
meet (sb) halfway to ​reach an ​agreement with another ​person or ​group by ​offering them some of the things they want: The ​bankoffered to meet them halfway by ​splitting the difference. He ​wants us to ​work to meet the ​stakeholders halfway to ​try to ​accommodate everyone's wishes.
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(Definition of meet from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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