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uk /miːt/ us /miːt/ met, met

meet verb (FOR THE FIRST TIME)

A1 [ T or I ] to see and talk to someone for the first time:

They met at work.
I met her in Hawaii.
Would you like to meet my sister?
Come and meet (= be introduced to) my friend Laura.

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meet verb (COME TOGETHER)

A1 [ I or T ] to come together with someone intentionally:

Lorraine and I meet for lunch once a month.
We agreed to meet on Tuesday to discuss the project.
The children's club meets every Thursday afternoon.
They're meeting with their advisers to draw up a new plan.
The president met the UK prime minister in London yesterday.

A1 [ T or I ] to come together with someone without intending to:

It's always awkward when you meet someone you know but you can't remember their name.
Guess who I met in town today.
We met our old neighbours at an auction last Saturday.

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meet verb (SATISFY)

C1 [ T ] to fulfil, satisfy, or achieve:

The workers' demands for higher pay were not met by the management.
We haven't yet been able to find a house that meets our needs/requirements.
They will only agree to sign the contract if certain conditions are met.
Do you think we will be able to meet our deadline/target?

[ T ] to pay:

The company has agreed to meet all our expenses.

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meet verb (PLACE)

B1 [ T ] to wait at a place for someone or something to arrive:

Will you meet me at the airport (= be there when the aircraft arrives)?

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meetnoun [ C ]

uk /miːt/ us /miːt/

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us /mit/ past tense and past participle met /met/

meet verb (COME TOGETHER)

[ I/T ] to come together with another person:

[ I ] We agreed to meet on Tuesday at six.
[ I ] They’re meeting with their advisers to work out a new plan.
[ T ] The doctor unexpectedly met one of her patients in the supermarket.
[ T ] Will we meet Joyce’s plane (= be at the airport when she arrives)?
[ I ] The teams met twice this season (= competed against each other twice).


[ I/T ] to become familiar with someone for the first time:

[ I ] They met at work.
[ T ] I’d like you to meet my friend Laura.

meet verb (JOIN)

[ I/T ] (esp. of objects) to join or touch:

[ I ] The curtains don’t meet in the middle of the window.

meet verb (FULFILL)

[ T ] to fulfill, satisfy, or achieve:

We haven’t found office space that meets our needs.
Do you think she’ll be able to meet the deadline?

meetnoun [ C ]

us /mit/

meet noun [ C ] (SPORTS EVENT)

a sports event at which several teams or people compete:

a track meet
a swimming meet

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uk /miːt/ us met /met/ , met /met/

[ I or T ] to arrange to see a person or group of people in order to speak with them about something:

Team members arranged to meet at designated locations in their respective cities.
Committees meet regularly with planning groups.
Italy's lawmakers are meeting today to discuss the proposed new legislation.
meet sb Senior government officials attended a gathering in Dubai in September to meet international oil executives.
meet at sth Delegates will meet at the Imperial Hotel next Wednesday at 10.30.
meet in Washington/Dubai/Shanghai, etc. European Union leaders are meeting in Nice to decide on various reforms.
meet with sb Trust directors have already met with staff to review records and discuss future performance targets.

[ T ] to achieve the result or level that had been expected:

We are on track to meet earnings forecasts.
Due to strong growth in the homes division, the company met its home completion target of 8,000 for the year.
meet a target/expectation/goal Profits this year will not meet expectations because of a slowdown in the worldwide economic recovery.

[ T ] to satisfy a demand or need:

meet a demand/need for sth To meet the demand for its services, the university is building a new campus.
meet the needs of sb/sth Many new jobs are service jobs to meet the daily needs of all the people moving to the region.

[ T ] to do something that you must do because of a law or rule:

meet a condition/requirement/obligation The Government has threatened to seize the assets of companies that do not meet their obligations to pensioners.
be met by sb/sth Certain criteria must be met by applicants before they can enrol on the program.

[ T ] to have enough money to pay for something, or to pay amounts you owe:

meet costs/payments/expenses Meeting mortgage payments is becoming increasingly difficult for more and more people.
be met by sb/sth

[ T ] to have the money or resources you need in order to do something, especially something that you have not done before:

meet a challenge/opportunity We need a different set of strategies to help us meet the challenges of the new marketplace.
meet a deadline

to finish work at the time or by a date that has been previously agreed:

Employees are under constant pressure to meet deadlines.
meet (sb) halfway

to reach an agreement with another person or group by offering them some of the things they want:

The bank offered to meet them halfway by splitting the difference.
He wants us to work to meet the stakeholders halfway to try to accommodate everyone's wishes.

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