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uk /mɜːdʒ/ us /mɝːdʒ/

C2 [ I or T ] to combine or join together, or to cause things to do this:

They decided to merge the two companies into one.
The country's two biggest banks are planning to merge.
After a while the narrow trail merges with a wider path.

[ I ] US UK filter in to join a line of moving traffic without causing other vehicles to slow down

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merge en inglés americano

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mergeverb [ I/T ]

us /mɜrdʒ/

to combine or join together:

[ I ] Route 9A splits off from Route 9, but they merge after 5 more miles.

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merge en inglés de negocios

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mergeverb [ I or T ]

uk /mɜːdʒ/ us

to join together, or to be joined together, to make a larger company, organization, department, etc.:

The two banks denied rumours that they aim to merge.
The cable company announced plans to merge its advertising and sales operations.
merge (sth) with/into sth The firm became the world's largest supplier of online security software when it merged with its rival in a £35m deal.
merged business/company/entity In one year, the newly merged company saved more than $100 million in costs.
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