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mill en inglés británico

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millnoun [ C ]

uk /mɪl/ us /mɪl/

millverb [ T ]

uk /mɪl/ us /mɪl/

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mill en inglés americano

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millnoun [ C ]

us /mɪl/

a building with machinery for crushing grain into flour

A mill is also a factory where a particular materials or substances are processed:

a paper/steel mill

A mill is also a device for crushing a solid substance into powder:

a coffee/pepper mill

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mill en inglés de negocios

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millnoun [ C ]

uk /mɪl/ us

PRODUCTION a factory where cloth, steel, paper, or wood is produced:

Developers are converting empty mills and warehouses into expensive apartments.

PRODUCTION a building where grain is crushed into flour:

Our family-run flour mill produces whole-wheat baking flour from organic grains.

disapproving a place that provides something in large quantities so that you can get it easily:

Diploma mills cheapen the hard work and effort that students put into successfully completing their education.
These puppy mills are large-scale breeding operations that have a reputation for abuse and filthy conditions.

millverb [ T ]

uk /mɪl/ us PRODUCTION

to cut metal or make it into a particular shape by using a special machine:

mill sth into sth The steel is milled into sheets, plates, bars, wire, and tubing.

to crush grain into flour or crush another substance into powder:

The grain is still milled locally.

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