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uk /ˈmɪʃ.ən/ us /ˈmɪʃ.ən/

mission noun (JOB)

C2 [ C ] an important job, especially a military one, that someone is sent somewhere to do:

Your mission is to isolate the enemy by destroying all the bridges across the river.

B2 [ C ] any work that someone believes it is their duty to do:

My mission in life is to educate the rich about the suffering of the poor.
She's a woman with a mission and she's absolutely determined to finish the project.
mission accomplished

something that you say when you have finished doing something that you were told to do:

Mission accomplished. I've got everything you asked for on the list.

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missionnoun [ C ]

us /ˈmɪʃ·ən/

the action of sending someone to a place to do a particular job, esp. one for a government or religious organization, or the job the person has been sent to do:

They were sent on a secret political mission to the Middle East.
fig. She’s a woman on a mission (= She is strongly determined) to teach those children to read.

A mission is also a group of people who are sent to another place to do a particular job or to represent their country, organization, or religion, or the place where they go to do this work:

A trade mission was sent to South Africa.
a Methodist mission

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missionnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmɪʃən/ us

WORKPLACE the result that a company or an organization is trying to achieve through its plans or actions:

core/main/primary mission The main mission of the Home Ownership Group is to arrange loans for first time home buyers.
The team's job is to lead the corporation on its strategic mission.
mission to do sth The charity's mission is to help the homeless find jobs.

an important job that someone is given to do:

Salespeople must fulfill the missions that sales managers have assigned to them.
sb's mission is to do sth His mission was to turn the agency into a modern service provider.

GOVERNMENT an important official job that a person or a group of people are sent somewhere to do:

on a mission to The group is on mission to Boston to try to raise money.
a trade/humanitarian/diplomatic mission State lawmakers are preparing to lead an annual energy-focused trade mission to Mexico.

GOVERNMENT a group of people who are sent somewhere to do an official job:

The United Nation's secretary general sent a mission which found that both sides were violating the agreement.
on a mission to do sth

used, often humorously, to describe someone being very determined to achieve something:

He's on a mission to make the department more environmentally aware.

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