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UK US mold uk /məʊld/ us /moʊld/

mould noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] a hollow container with a particular shape into which soft or liquid substances are poured, so that when the substance becomes hard it takes the shape of the container:

a cake/jelly mould

mould noun (TYPE OF PERSON)

[ S ] If someone is from or in a particular mould, they have the characteristics typical of a certain type of person:

He's cast in a very different mould from his brother.
He's a player in the Federer mould.


UK US mold uk /məʊld/ us /moʊld/

[ T ] to make a soft substance have a particular shape:

This plastic is going to be moulded into plates.
The children moulded little pots out of/from (= made them by shaping) clay.

[ T ] to try to change or influence someone:

He kept trying to mould me into something he wanted me to be.

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to fit the body very closely:

She was wearing an extremely tight costume that moulded to/round the contours of her body.

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