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uk /ˈmɪs.ɪz/ us /ˈmɪs.ɪz/

A1 a title used before the family name or full name of a married woman who has no other title:

Mrs Wood/Mrs Jean Wood
[ as form of address ] Hello, Mrs Grant, how are you today?

used when expressing the idea that a woman is typical of or represents a quality, activity, or place:

Mrs Average (= a woman who is typical of an ordinary woman)

Más ejemplos

  • The head of English at our school is called Mrs Shield.
  • It's going to be difficult remembering to call her Mrs Carter now that she's married, instead of Miss Fairweather.
  • Hello, you must be Mrs Mills, Daniel's mum. How can I help you, Mrs Mills?
  • There are two women on the committee - Mrs Chen and Miss Allen.
  • She still calls herself Mrs Price, although she's divorced - mainly because she has children, I suppose.

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Mrs. en inglés americano

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Mrs.noun [ U ]

us /ˈmɪs·ɪz, -ɪs/ /mɪz, mɪs/

a title for a married woman, used before the family name or full name:

Mrs. Schultz/Mrs. Doris Schultz
Hello, Mrs. Taylor, how are you today?

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