Significado de “mug” - en el Diccionario Inglés

mugnoun [ C ]

uk /mʌɡ/ us /mʌɡ/

mug noun [ C ] (CUP)

A2 a large cup with straight sides used for hot drinks:

I made myself a large mug of cocoa (= enough to fill a mug) and went to bed.
beer mug mainly US

a heavy glass with a handle and usually with patterns cut into its side, out of which you drink beer

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mug noun [ C ] (FACE)

informal mainly disapproving someone's face:

his ugly mug


mugverb [ T ]

uk /mʌɡ/ us /mʌɡ/ -gg-

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mugnoun [ C ]

us /mʌɡ/

mug noun [ C ] (CUP)

a large cup with a handle on the side, used esp. for hot drinks, and usually used without a saucer (= plate below it)

mugverb [ T ]

us /mʌɡ/ -gg-

mug verb [ T ] (ATTACK)

to attack a person, using force or threats of force to steal the person’s money or possessions:

He was mugged in broad daylight.
noun [ C ] us /ˈmʌɡ·ər/

He helped the police nab the mugger who jumped him.

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