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mulch en inglés británico

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mulchnoun [ C or U ]

uk /mʌltʃ/ us /mʌltʃ/

a covering of decaying leaves that is spread over the soil in order to keep water in it or to improve it

mulchverb [ I or T ]

uk /mʌltʃ/ us /mʌltʃ/

to put mulch on or around something:

[ + adv/prep ] Mulch around the base of the roses.
Mulch the roses.

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mulch en inglés americano

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mulchnoun [ C/U ]

us /mʌltʃ/

a covering, esp. of decaying leaves, grass, or plant material, used to keep water in the earth near plants or to protect them from weeds (= unwanted plants)

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