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uk /ˌmʌl.ti.dɪs.əˈplɪn.ər.i/ us /ˌmʌl.tiˈdɪs.ə.plɪ.ner.i/

involving different subjects of study in one activity:

a multidisciplinary course

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multidisciplinary en inglés de negocios

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also multi-disciplinary uk /ˌmʌltiˌdɪsəˈplɪnəri/ us /ˌmʌltiˈdɪsəplɪneri/

relating to or involving people from different types of work or who have different types of knowledge:

Multidisciplinary teams of scientists are working to develop nonpolluting technologies.
a multidisciplinary activity/approach
a multidisciplinary consultancy/partnership/program

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