Significado de “mush” - en el Diccionario Inglés

mushnoun [ U ]

uk /mʌʃ/ us /mʌʃ/

mush noun [ U ] (SOFT SUBSTANCE)

informal any unpleasant thick soft substance, such as food that has been cooked for too long:

If you overcook the cabbage it'll turn to mush.

informal If you say your brain has turned to mush, it means you cannot think clearly.

mush noun [ U ] (BOOK/ FILM)

informal If you describe something such as a book or film as mush, you mean that it is too emotional:

The movie was just romantic mush.

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mushnoun [ U ]

us /mʌʃ/

any thick, soft substance, such as food that has been boiled too long:

The rain turned the ground into clay and then to mush.
adjective [ -er/-est only ] us /ˈmʌʃ·i/

The yard’s still too mushy to mow the grass.

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