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also naïve, naïf uk /naɪˈiːv/ us /naɪˈiːv/ mainly disapproving

C1 too willing to believe that someone is telling the truth, that people's intentions in general are good, or that life is simple and fair. People are often naive because they are young and/or have not had much experience of life:

She was very naive to believe that he'd stay with her.
They make the naive assumption that because it's popular it must be good.
It was a little naive of you to think that they would listen to your suggestions.
adverb also naïvely uk /naɪˈiː us /naɪˈiː

I naively believed he was telling the truth.

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naive en inglés americano

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us /nɑˈiv/

too ready to believe someone or something, or to trust that someone’s intentions are good, esp. because of a lack of experience:

It was naive of her to think that she would ever get her money back.

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I feel that one would have to be extremely naive, and not, one hopes, just corrupt, to believe that such a body might be truly objective.
Not all being legal specialists but not, equally, being naive, we are fully aware that a legal solution – and we hope that one exists – will be extremely difficult to find.
We are not naive: as long as equality is not achieved, implementing horizontal policies which incorporate this objective across the sectors are not enough.
We must not be naive.
I am not that naive.
However, we are not naive: we are aware of the fact that if the pressure is not maintained, it could easily lead to nothing.
However, there is a danger - we must not be naive about what is going on - that the whole process could be hijacked for more sinister and for more political motives.
I am not naive.
Let us not be naive.
Engaging with them is a ridiculously naive concept so long as there is not even a glimmer of liberalisation in their attitude.