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uk /neɪm/ us /neɪm/

A1 [ C ] the word or words that a person, thing, or place is known by:

"Hi, what's your name?" "My name's Diane."
Please write your full (= complete) name and address on the form.
What's the name of that mountain in the distance?
We finally agreed on the name Luca for our son.
The students were listed by name and by country of origin.

B2 [ C usually singular ] the opinion or reputation that someone or something has:

She went to court to clear her name (= prove that the bad things said about her were not true).
The fans' actions gave our team a bad name in the youth league at that time.
They're trying to restore the good name of the manufacturer.

[ C ] someone who is famous or has a good reputation:

It seemed like all the big names in football were there.
by the name of sth formal


I need to talk to a professor by the name of Bin Said.
go by the name of sth

to give yourself a name that is not your real name:

In the business world he goes by the name of J. Walter Fortune.
in the name of sb also in sb's name

for someone or belonging to someone:

I'm here to pick up my tickets - I reserved them by phone yesterday in the name of Tremin.
The house is in my wife's name.

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nameverb [ T ]

uk /neɪm/ us /neɪm/

name verb [ T ] (GIVE/SAY NAME)

B1 to give someone or something a name:

[ + two objects ] We named our dogs Shandy and Belle.
A man named Dennis answered the door.

B1 to say what something or someone's name is:

In the first question you had to name three types of monkey.
He couldn't name his attacker.

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name verb [ T ] (CHOOSE)

B2 to choose someone or something:

Just name the time and I'll be there.
Ms Martinez has been named (as) the new Democratic candidate.

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namenoun [ C ]

us /neɪm/

a word or words that a person or thing is known by:

Hello, my name is Beth.
Do you remember the name of that town we visited in Maine?
I’m looking for someone by the name of (= who has the name) Stephen Weinberg.

A name is also a reputation, esp. a good one:

She had made a name for herself as an architect by the time she was thirty.

A name is also a famous person or thing:

He’s a big name in the field of fashion.
They wanted a name band for the wedding.

nameverb [ T ]

us /neɪm/

to give a name to someone or something:

They decided to name their first child Benjamin.

To name is also to choose or to state publicly:

The president has yet to name a new ambassador to Russia.

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namenoun [ C ]

uk /neɪm/ us

a well-known and successful company, person, or product:

a big/famous name Some big names in the technology sector were hardest hit.

the reputation of a company, person, or product:

good/bad name It is hard to put a value on a firm's good name.
make your name

to become famous by achieving something:

He had already made his name on Wall Street in the early 90s with his high-risk investment strategies.

[ C ] also Lloyd's name INSURANCE an investor who makes large sums of their own money available to the insurance group Lloyds so that it can provide insurance for organizations or industries that have large risks

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