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nevertheless en inglés

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uk /ˌnev.ə.ðəˈles/ us /ˌnev.ɚ.ðəˈles/ also nonetheless

B2 despite what has just been said or referred to:

I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.

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nevertheless en inglés americano

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neverthelessadverb [ not gradable ]

us /ˌnev·ər·ðəˈles/ also nonetheless

despite what has just been said or referred to:

Their team hadn’t lost a game the entire season. Nevertheless, we beat them by a huge margin last night.

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Nevertheless, there is no need for them to start panicking just because democratic elections are taking place in a neighbouring state.
Nevertheless, we must make it possible for people who live apart from relatives who are third-country nationals, to be brought together.
Nevertheless, it is as well to remember that this declaration will certainly be different from the 1992 decision in form and substance.
Nevertheless, we definitely have to do more.
Nevertheless, it is our view that this concept should be considered in greater depth so that the fears that we have legitimately expressed here can be set aside.
Nevertheless, they do not function in the same way and their relationship with other institutions is unclear, since it is not regulated.
Nevertheless, there are countries that are not complying with these rules at all, on the pretext that they are guaranteeing women a choice.
Nevertheless, certain questions remain unresolved, in particular the fundamental matter of enforcement: the guarantee that the companies which use safe harbours will fulfil their undertakings.
Nevertheless, all the proclaimed rights, protective measures and international cooperation are only any good if they are inspired by the higher fundamental principles which they are intended to serve.
Even without knowledge of whether any of the other animals have become infected, this action is nevertheless justifiable, precisely in order for the above objectives to be met.