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niche en inglés americano

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nichenoun [ C ]

us /nɪtʃ/

niche noun [ C ] (POSITION)

a job, position, or place that is very suitable for someone:

She’s never quite found her niche on television.

biology A niche is also an organism's specific position or purpose within the group of organisms with which it lives

niche noun [ C ] (HOLLOW)

a hollow made in a wall, esp. one designed to put a statue in so that it can be seen

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niche en inglés de negocios

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nichenoun [ C ]

uk /niːʃ/ us /nɪtʃ/

MARKETING, COMMERCE an opportunity for a business to offer a product or service that is not offered by other businesses:

a niche in sth There is a niche in the market for this kind of product.
create/carve a niche The company has carved a niche for itself in the watch-making business.
look for/find a niche They found a niche by selling their line of leather goods through small boutiques that could offer personalized service.
exploit/expand a niche

HR a job or position that is suitable for a particular type of person:

High-quality web development has generated lots of new niche roles in organizations.
a niche job/position

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