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uk /nɔːr/ us /nɔːr/

used before the second or last of a set of negative possibilities, usually after "neither":

We can neither change nor improve it.
Strangely, neither Carlo nor Juan saw what happened.

B2 mainly UK neither:

"I've never been to Iceland." "Nor have I."
I can't be at the meeting and nor can Andrew.

Más ejemplos

  • Politically they're neither right-wing nor left - just a bunch of wishy-washy pseudo-liberals.
  • They followed neither the spirit nor the letter of the law.
  • Some beggars are neither poverty-stricken nor homeless.
  • I can't make head nor tail of these instructions on the packet.
  • Neither my mother nor my father went to university.

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nor en inglés americano

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us /nɔr, nər/

used before the second or last of a series of negative possibilities that usually begin with "neither":

Neither Michael nor his wife was injured in the crash.

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