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nurtureverb [ T ]

uk /ˈnɜː.tʃər/ us /ˈnɝː.tʃɚ/ formal

nurturenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈnɜː.tʃər/ us /ˈnɝː.tʃɚ/

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nurture en inglés americano

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nurtureverb [ T ]

us /ˈnɜr·tʃər/

to feed and care for a child, or to help someone or something develop by encouraging that person or thing:

As a record company director, his job is to nurture young talent.

(Definición de nurture del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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If this food crisis has done one thing, it has alerted us to the fragility of food production and the need to nurture it within the developing world.
We are citizens of the countries which gave us our birth and infant nurture, which protect us and which have given many of us sanctuary over the years.
Above all, it must create the conditions under which the family is recognised as something precious and young married couples have the opportunity to create and nurture a family.
Patriotism expresses itself as love for and a desire to nurture national traditions, culture and language, attitudes of respect and devotion to one's own country.
Intercultural lessons, projects undertaken by schoolchildren and the active involvement of parents help to nurture the growth of a tolerant intercultural society.
I was hoping that the summit would nurture further exchanges between young people so that we can retain those existing links and build upon them for the future.
We must remember to nurture entrepreneurial spirit from early on, as it serves innovation and encourages demand from the public for innovative goods and services.
If we wish to maintain our relations, we are going to have to look after them, nurture them and invest in them.
Let us promote a revival in research at universities and let us nurture the younger generation of scientists being educated there.
I too nurture some small hope.