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obsessed en inglés

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uk /əbˈsest/ us /əbˈsest/

B2 unable to stop thinking about something; too interested in or worried about something:

Why are people so obsessed with money?
As a society we're obsessed by sex.

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obsessed en inglés americano

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us /əbˈsest, ɑb-/

unable to stop thinking about something:

The kids are obsessed with video games.
adjective us /əbˈses·ɪv, ɑb-/

She is obsessive about punctuality.
adverb us /əbˈses·ɪv·li, ɑb-/

Sue exercises obsessively.

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Just as people obsessed with a fundamental order are to be found in all walks of life, this way of thinking is also prevalent throughout society.
We have become so obsessed with global warming that we have overlooked the real elephant in the room - the global food crisis.
Ultimately, people always see politics more clearly than we do, precisely because they are not obsessed with it on a daily basis.
He seems to be obsessed by them.
In an economy obsessed with the short-term, with very stretched budgets, it is difficult to invest in production on a scale of centuries.
Oblivious to the world - self-obsessed.
Our society obsessed with profit, our society of the cautious and short-sighted, might one day easily bring calamity to us all.
The question is, though, whether it is actually possible entirely to prevent a funding crisis under the current system where banks are obsessed with making maximum profits?
In a world obsessed by short-term benefits and security, we cannot lower our guard when it comes to defending our universal rights.

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