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one-to-one en inglés británico

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uk /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/ us /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/


uk /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/ us /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/

one-to-onenoun [ C ]

uk /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/ us /ˌwʌn.təˈwʌn/ plural one-to-ones

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one-to-one en inglés de negocios

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one-to-oneadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˌwʌntəˈwʌn/ us

used to describe the fact of one thing being worth the same as the second:

The old banknotes were exchanged for the new at a one-to-one rate.

US one-on-one MEETINGS involving only two people:

one-to-one training
a one-to-one meeting

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