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uk /aʊər/ /ɑːr/ us /ˈaʊ.ɚ/ /aʊr/

A1 of or belonging to us:

We bought our house several years ago.
He walked off and left us on our own.
Drugs are one of the greatest threats in our society.
There's no point in our buying a new car this year.

Más ejemplos

  • Customs stopped us and checked our bags for alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Our new house is heaps bigger than our last one.
  • The police officer identified himself and asked for our help.
  • It was too dark to read our map and we took a wrong turning.
  • We were all really tired out after our long journey.

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our en inglés americano

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ourpronoun [ pl ]

us /ɑʊər, ɑr/

belonging to or connected with us; the possessive form of we, used before a noun:

These are our children.
Our plans have changed.

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